- CO2 on the way to school

How to use the reflections questions
These questions can be used to stimulate the flow of ideas and discussion about climate change and transport. Pick out one or several questions you feel are interesting and at an appropriate level for your pupils. Use them in group discussions, debates, as a basis for a project or investigation, or when meeting with local people and decision-makers!

Why not create your own questions for reflection? Do you have a question for reflection that worked well? Maybe others would be interested to hear about it! This could be included in your project report that we encourage you to upload.

Questions about participation and partnership

Questions about climate and transport

Questions about understanding, analysing and comparing the results

Questions about finding solutions

Questions for further exploration

Reflection questions for teachers
The following questions are examples of topics that teachers could discuss together, either before, during or after the project.

Questions about your experience with the CO2nnect

Questions about education for sustainable development at your school