- CO2 on the way to school
  1. Plan and prepare for the campaign (teachers, preferably together with pupils) Get familiar with the website, approach and activities. Make a school/class plan for your work with the campaign (see also Help sheets for hints about methods). Find local partners or school partners and plan how you will cooperate.
  2. Sign up to participate.
  3. Introduce topics of climate change, CO2, and school transport.
  4. Collect data on distance to school and means of transportation and enter it into the international database.
  5. Complete a short online questionnaire on climate- and transport issues.
  6. Analyse and discuss your results; compare your CO2 emissions from transport with that of other schools and countries (see also suggested Questions for discussion).
  7. We encourage you to work closely with local authorities, parents, businesses, organisations or other stakeholders during the project. You could present and discuss your findings. Then explore together how the local transportation systems could be made more sustainable. What policies or programmes does your school or community already have for transport and climate gas emissions?
  8. Develop ideas for reducing climate emissions from transport. Upload your climate idea and photos from your work.
  9. Submit a project report (optional).
  10. Evaluate the campaign and become a SUPPORT school (teachers, optional).